Brent Roberts

Assurance Partner

Financial services | Hospitality | Telecommunications | Public Sector

Accounting | Forensic Accounting and Investigations | Financial statement audits | IFRS | Payroll services | Internal Audit




Brent manage​s the firm’s audit and assurance department and is also responsible for an ongoing training programme to ensure that our staff are thoroughly briefed in the latest technical issues and audit techniques.

Brent joined BDO from college and specialises in both the government sector, and local and international private sectors. Specific sector experience includes; financial services, telecommunications, and secondments at the local broadcasting company for one year as chief accountant.

He has also gained additional experience in the financial services sector through his participation in a number of forensic assignments. These include the investigations of Fidenas International Bank and Trust Corporation Limited and Americas International Bank Corporation Limited and the reconstruction of the accounting records of a diverse group of mutual fund entities.​


Assurance and Accounting Services and Foren​sic Investigations & Accounting​