Myles Culmer

Managing Director, Advisory Services

Financial services | Public Sector

Corporate Restructuring & Liquidations | Global Private Client Services

Executive Summary


As International Liaison Partner and Managing director of BDO Advisory Services in Nassau Bahamas, Myles is responsible for the delivery of advisory services to clients, and responsible for the business liaison between BDO member firms.  While at BDO, Myles has participated in a number of cross border asset recoveries, corporate restructurings and receiverships most notably, The Grand Bahama Port Authority & Port Group Limited as the Joint Receiver & Manager. The role basically saw Myles as the joint chairman with control and preservation of the goodwill of all of the assets of the companies and with overall control of the entity that is charged with the management of Freeport Grand Bahama, a city of 70,000 people and the second largest city in The Bahamas.   Prior to joining BDO, Myles had a number of years experience in investment management, trading and banking.  He was employed with a leading mutual fund with over USD$300 billion in assets under management. Myles also has experience working in the hedge fund industry, and as assistant treasurer of a major US bank in charge of asset and liability management.


Advisory, Corporate Finance & Asset Recovery